What If ASEAN Was A Single Country?

What would happen if every ASEAN country united today to form a United ASEAN Superstate? What would that country look like?


5 countries where women still lack basic rights

Several challenges still remain for women in the developing world, where regressive cultural practices, social stigma and religious autocracy still impede the progress of women in society. In these 5 countries in particular, woman still lack the basic rights we have taken for granted in the developed world.

The Govt will use “fake news” as an excuse to silence criticism

The government is not the least bit interested in tackling the proliferation of fake news. If they were, we would have seen our own ministers and MPs passionately chiding the mainstream media for their countless lapses. Rather, the changes to the broadcasting act will likely target websites with, pro opposition, anti-establishment, anti-PAP leanings.

Dear LGBT Singaporeans: The Govt has abandoned you for political gain

For all of Singapore’s first world accolades, we are sorely lacking in the department of human rights, and in particular – LGBT rights. With the archaic S377a still in the legal books, Singapore holds the unenviable title of being the only developed country in the world that still has laws criminalizing homosexual relations.