PM Lee’s Brother Donates To Legal Fund To Countersue Him

The Online Citizen has reported that Lee Hsien Yang, brother of PM Lee Hsien Loong has donated a sum of money to blogger-activist, Leong Sze Hian for his defense case against PM Lee Hsien Loong’s defamation suit and countersuit on PM Lee for abusing the court process. In response to TOC’s query, Lee Hsien Yang confirmed that he had indeed contributed to Leong’s legal fund, but didn’t disclose the amount.

Countersuit filed against PM Lee for abusing court process

Leong was earlier sued by PM Lee for defamation for sharing an article by TheCoverage.My on his personal Facebook account. There was no caption written by Leong on the Facebook share. The article claimed that editor-in-chief of investigative journalism platform Sarawak Report Ms. Clare Rewcastle had mentioned Singapore as “one of the key investigation targets, alongside Switzerland and United States” in the 1MDB scandal during an interview with Malaysian media.

In response to media queries, Ms. Chang Li Lin, the PM’s press secretary, confirmed that PM Lee had commenced legal proceedings against Leong for defamation, and said that the matter is in the hands of his lawyers. “Mr. Lee reserves the right to take legal action against other parties who similarly defame him,” she added.

Lim Tean, who will be representing Leong in both suits, announced that he has accepted the case from Leong and said that he is looking forward to cross-examining PM Lee in court.

Lim wrote, “Mr. Leong did not choose to pick a fight, but now offers battle to uphold the freedom of expression in Singapore, a fundamental human right which he has fought tirelessly for more than 2 decades.”

In a statement from the Carson Laws Chamber, it is said that Leong pleads that PM Lee abused the process of the court and relies upon the same argument for his counterclaim based upon the tort of abuse of civil process.

“Our client invites the court to find that the initiating and pursuit of an unnecessary claim for libel must, therefore, be in order to try to obtain an impermissible collateral advantage, and believes its purpose is to chill freedom of expression ahead of both the trial of Najib Razak and a likely General Election in Singapore next year.”

Statement from the Carson Laws Chamber

Public welcome to support Leong

Leong Sze Hian has decided to make his accounts public for those keen to support to donate for his legal funds. For those who wish to contribute to Leong’s legal funds, the details of his accounts are as follow:

Name of account: Leong Sze Hian
POSB Savings: 064064070
Pay now: S0009739Z

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