Poll: 96% Of Singaporeans Want Tougher Punishments For MPs Who Sleep At Work

96% of Singaporeans support tougher punishments for ministers and members of parliament who sleep at work.

This was according to an online survey conducted by Wake Up Singapore in reaction to updates to tougher punishments being introduced for private security officers.

Private security officers who slack off, sleep on the job or come to work drunk can face tougher punishment from this year, as the police strengthen penalties for errant behavior to boost the industry’s professionalism and bolster Singapore’s defenses.

From Jan 1, officers who display “errant behavior” can be punished by a fine not exceeding $2,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or both.

Meanwhile, Wake Up Singapore asked the public “Should MPs and Ministers who sleep on the job face tougher punishments?”. The votes were overwhelmingly in favor of “YES” which garnered over 1,400 votes versus 56 “NO” votes.

Of course, one shouldn’t take this poll’s accuracy so seriously as it was already skewed from the beginning. This poll was meant to bring attention to the absurdity of punishing security officers with jail sentences for reasons such as “sleeping on the job”. If these new regulations were applied fairly, MPs and ministers would be subject to such scrutiny given the high responsibility of public office.

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