Poll: 88% Don’t Want Another Trump-Kim Summit In Sg

88% of respondents don’t want Singapore to host a second summit between US President Donald Trump and Noth Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. This was according to an online survey conducted by Wake Up Singapore.

According to South Korean Foreign Affairs Ministry officials, Singapore and Vietnam were shortlisted as potential venues for a 2nd summit.

Meanwhile, Wake Up Singapore asked the public “Should Singapore host the 2nd Trump-Kim summit?”. The votes were overwhelmingly in favor of “NO” which garnered over 1,100 votes versus 157 “YES” votes.

During their historic first summit last June, Kim reaffirmed his “firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula”, stated in a joint document signed by him and Trump.

Trump in turn committed to providing security guarantees to North Korea. The document did not state what those guarantees might be. 

The actual cost of hosting the historic summit incurred by the Singapore Government was approximately S$16.3 million. Thousands of NS men and full-time NSFs were recalled. SAF and Home Team regulars also had their leave frozen in June, which coincides with the school holidays. PM Lee had described the amount spent as Singapore’s “contribution to an international endeavor which is in our profound interest”.

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