PM Lee’s Brother, Lee Hsien Yang Endorses Tan Cheng Bock

Lee Hsien Yang, younger brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has publicly endorsed former PAP MP and Presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock. This is the first time a member of the Lee family has openly endorsed an opposition figure. In a Facebook status on Jan 24 (Thursday), Lee commended Tan’s decision to start a new opposition political party, the Progress Singapore Party. He added that his re-entry to Singapore politics would “groom future Parliamentarians who will serve our country and people before party or self.”

This is good for the future of Singapore. Cheng Bock is the leader Singapore deserves.

To date, Tan Cheng Bock holds the record of the highest electoral margin of victory. In every general election, he had consistently polled higher than the PAP’s nationwide average. Now with a heavyweight endorsement from none other than the PM’s brother himself, it is clear to any political observer that Tan Cheng Bock’s re-entry could be a game changer in the upcoming election.

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