Bar Nearly Shut As SingPost Sent Liquor Sale Renewal 4 Months Late

Singpost has been receiving bad publicity these days. The latest scandal that has been brewing was the discovery of hundreds of letters being discarded in the trash by a Singpost postman. Angry residents who had their bills and invoices discarded voiced their outrage at this gross oversight.

Now, Daniel Goh a blogger and bar owner who runs Smith Street Taps in Chinatown has spoken out criticizing Singpost for delivering his notice for the alcohol permit renewal late.

In a Facebook post, Mr. Goh provided the details of Singpost’s blunder.

Mr. Goh received the letter from Singapore Police Force‘s Licensing Unit on 31 January 2019. The renewal notice was dated 6 September 2018. But according to Singpost’s date stamp on the envelope, the letter was only cleared on 30 January 2019, over 4 months later.

The deadline for the renewal payment was before 4 December 2018 which effectively meant that Mr. Goh’s business had been selling alcohol illegally for nearly 2 months without their knowledge. In that time, the business could have been shut down if the police decided to conduct a raid.

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