Henry Thia Standing In For Khaw Boon Wan While On Extended MC For Fractured Arm

Famous Mediacorp actor and Khaw Boon Wan lookalike Henry Thia will be standing in for Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan who is on extended medical leave after fracturing his left arm in a fall last week, Mediacorp said on Monday (Feb 25).

Thia’s appointment ensures that the ongoing discussions with Malaysia on several transport matters will continue to be well-coordinated, Mediacorp said in a statement.

When asked by members of the public why Thia was selected for the role, Mediacorp said that Thia was an accomplished actor and would be a perfect impersonator of Minister Khaw.

Within 24 hours of assuming the role, Thia has announced immediate pay cuts for SMRT and SBS executives in addition to reducing the ministerial pay from $1 million per annum to $200,000, on par with cabinet ministers of other first world countries. All MRT trains will also be installed with TVs to entertain commuters on-the-go in addition to boosting Mediacorp’s falling TV ratings.

Disclaimer: this is pure satire and should not be taken as serious news. Please don’t sue us 🙂

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