Confidence In The Govt Is Eroding

I could not agree more with Mr Viswa Sadasivan (ST forum, 5th Feb 2019) that confidence in the government is waning.

Like the writer said, there are too many incidents that have occured that the government does not seem to address well. There is a lack of urgency in handling situations and no accountability from the highest level. We hear sorry too often. The repetitiveness of just saying sorry seems to indicate a lack of sincerity. Instead the government needs to show the people how investigations lead to corrections in procedures and the handling of errors.

The government has always championed quality in its highest echelons and maintained that only the best make its ranks. Are we seeing that today? With so many lapses and lack of accountability, people are losing faith as evidenced by the numerous negative comments online. From my personal experience and also the lack of response to letters published in the press, it is obvious that there is a general passivity running  in the civil service and government organisations.

With elections looming, it would bode well for the government to heed the calls to take more responsibility and to have foresight in anticipating issues. Our civil service also needs to buck up in responding to complaints and handing out contracts. Let us not regress to the third world status that our pioneer ministers had worked so hard to achieve. The time to act is now.

Sundram Muthiah

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