Nas Daily Moving To Singapore With His Girlfriend, Media Company

Seven months after he visited Singapore, popular video blogger Nas Daily is moving to the island.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday (March 20), his girlfriend Alyne Tamir announced that she and Nuseir Yassin (Nas Daily’s real name), will be moving sometime in April. In her post, Ms Tamir said: “Singapore is the hub of Asia, and arguably a major hub of the world.” It is why Mr Yassin is moving his company from the US to Singapore.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday afternoon, 10 hours after his girlfriend’s post, Mr Yassin said there are many reasons why he chose to move to Singapore, but it was mainly due to his belief that “this part of Asia might be the new America” and the “world’s best place… to live and to build up the Nas Daily Media Company”.

Nas Daily became famous after documenting his 3-year journey around the world on Facebook. His 1-minute videos, posted daily, have garnered hundreds of millions of views and over 12 million fans on Facebook.

Ms Yassin has also been outspoken in his praise for Singapore and the PAP government. Last year, Mr Yassin produced several videos on Singapore during his stopover while applying for a visa to Indonesia.

He described Singapore as a “nearly perfect country” and praised its efficiency, racial harmony, and smoking ban.

One of his videos featured a guest appearance by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who was filmed walking at Gardens by the Bay. In the video, PM Lee said: “This is what we have been building in Singapore for 53 years, and we’ll be building it for many more years to come.” The Prime Minister later shared the video on his Facebook page.

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