Wake Up Sg Poll: 76% Support E-Scooter Ban For Pavements

76% of Singaporeans support a ban on e-scooters and personal mobility devices (PMDs) for pavements and pedestrian footpaths.

This was according to an online survey conducted by Wake Up Singapore. Wake Up Singapore asked the public “Should E-scooters be banned from pedestrian sidewalks/pavements?”. Over 2,700 people responded to the poll with over 2,000 “yes” votes compared to 662 “no” votes.

Recently, over 20 e-scooters and e-bicycle riders were caught flouting the rules in Punggol. According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the errant riders were caught speeding and using non-compliant devices. 11 devices were seized, including one that weighed close to 60kg – 3 times the limit.

Several countries have now introduced legislation banning the use of e-scooters and PMDs for pedestrian footpaths. Germany was the latest country to introduce such a regulation following a public backlash from pedestrians and public safety agencies.

In Singapore, there are no plans to ban the use of e-scooters and PMDs on pedestrian footpaths. However, rules governing its use were further tightened as of February 2019. This includes a 10km/h speed limit and a mandatory use of helmets.

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