PAP IBs Launch Propaganda Campaign Against HK Protests, Use Unrest To Attack Singapore’s Opposition

It’s no secret that the PAP internet Brigade is the unofficial mouthpiece of the PAP government, loyally echoing the words and statements of their pay masters. If one wants to understand the government’s true intentions and opinions of other countries, just see what the IBs are posting.

In the wake of the ongoing wave of protests sweeping Hong Kong, the PAP IB propaganda machine is in full swing to demonize and delegitimise the protest movement while siding with the Chinese Communist Party-backed Hong Kong Government.

Some of the common narratives pushed by the IBs are that protests can never be peaceful and therefore must be banned, freedom of the press is bad, Singapore’s opposition supports violence and unrest, pro-democracy protesters are foreign sponsored agents to destabilise China.

Looking at the talking points pushed forward by the PAP IBs, one would be forgiven for mistaking them for Chinese Communist Party bots.

But beyond the geopolitical implications of the extradition bill, there is a sinister reason for the PAP IB machine to exploit the protests in Hong Kong for political reasons. Every act of violence in the streets of Hong Kong gives the PAP IBs ammunition to refute voices in Singapore calling for democratic rights such as the freedom to assemble. The unrest lends support to the narrative that democratic discourse will only destabilise society and cause investors and businesses to flee. Ultimately, by echoing the sentiments of the Chinese Government, the PAP IB machine reaffirms the anti-democratic, authoritarian nature of the PAP Government.

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