Poll: 95% Of Singaporeans Feel Goh Chok Tong Has Lost His Way

95% of Singaporeans feel that Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong has “lost his way”.

This was according to an online poll conducted by Wake Up Singapore in reaction to a Facebook post by ESM Goh which poked fun at his former PAP colleague Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (August 4), ESM Goh revealed that he was saddened to see how his friend of over 60 years Tan Cheng Bock has “lost his way”.

The former Prime Minister wrote this Facebook post a day after Dr Tan, officially launched his Progress Singapore Party (PSP) at Swissotel Merchant Hotel.

In the post, ESM Goh said, “Tan Cheng Bock was my classmate in Raffles Institution. I have known him close for over 60 years. It saddens me to see how he has ‘lost his way’.

Meanwhile, Wake Up, Singapore asked the public “Which person lost his way?”, with the option of choosing Goh Chok Tong or Tan Cheng Bock. Over 3,600 people responded to the poll. By an overwhelming majority, 95% of respondents selected Goh Chok Tong and only 5% selected Dr Tan.

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