US Professor Seeking PR Jailed For Assaulting And Racially Abusing Police Officers

A 53-year-old American professor, Jeffrey David Davis, has been sentenced to three months’ jail for hurling vulgarities and racial abuse at Singapore Police Force (SPF) officers. The incident took place on March 3 at around 6.30 in the evening. Davis was woken up by two SPF officers at a bus stop along River Valley Road while he was intoxicated.

Davis reacted violently and started verbally abusing a female officer, Sergeant Lim Yi Hui, and screamed vulgarities and racial slurs such as “I am a fucking professor, you fucking nigger.” He also spat at Sergeant Lim’s face and arm.

Davis also kicked another officer, Ruzshahfil Ngirwan on the right shin, after being brought into Tanglin Police Division and secured to a metal railing while being checked for prohibited items.

Davis, was a professor from San Francisco State University at the time of his arrest, and had arrived in Singapore a month before to explore job opportunities here.

According to his lawyer, Davis later regretted his actions and profusely apologized to the SPF for his conduct.

Davis wrote a letter dated to the police for their professionalism in handling the incident.

“Words cannot even begin to express my anguished moral compunction.”

“The respectful demeanour that your staff bestowed upon me on March 3-4 is deeply appreciated and speaks volumes about the fine nature and character of you and your team.”

-Excerpt from the apology letter

Davis also sent a separate statement to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), expressing his deep remorse and regret for the situation.

For verbally abusing SPF officers, Davis was charged under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA) and sentenced to two weeks’ jail. For spitting on Sergeant Lim, he was sentenced to another four weeks’ jail. For kicking officer Ruzshahfil, Davis received another eight week sentence for voluntarily causing hurt. In total, Davis will spend around 12 weeks in jail.

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