China Tourist Jailed For Stealing $19k Worth Of Luxury Goods

A tourist from mainland China was sentenced to nine weeks’ jail on Aug 22 for stealing luxury goods worth S$18,750 in total from Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and Paragon shopping mall.

Huang Shiyuan, 26, had escaped twice after first stealing from the MBS Gucci store and then Paragon in December 2018.

Huang first arrived in Singapore on Dec 14 2018. Two days later, she stole a S$4,500 beige Gucci cardigan with crystal motifs from the Gucci store at MBS. The next day, she went into the changing room of the Gucci store at Paragon with a black cardigan worth S$2,430. She removed the cardigan’s price tag and walked out with the item hidden in her bag.

She did the same thing with a blue lace blouse valued at S$2,920 and left the store.

Two days later, at about 5pm, Huang revisited the Gucci store at MBS. Using the same strategy, Huang attempted to walk out with a white lace blouse worth S$4,400 and a pink cardigan worth S$4,500. However, the MBS store staff were notified this time and Huang was nabbed.

Huang pleaded guilty to two counts of theft, with another charge taken into consideration for sentencing. She admitted that previous successes gave her the impression that it was “easy to steal from Gucci” and this compelled her to try again.

In passing Huang’s sentence, District Judge Marvin Bay referred to her two psychiatric reports, stating that she was suffering from alcohol use disorder and major depressive disorder. Nevertheless, one psychiatrist asserted that her conditions did not contribute to her offences.

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