Australian Who Punched Police Officer Said ‘F*** You’ To Judge Sentencing Him

A 46-year-old Australian man who assaulted a taxi driver and a police officer in Singapore in September 2018 was sentenced to seven weeks in jail on Sep 27, 2019.

Scott John Ashby was reportedly drunk when he was picked up by a cabby, Oh Kuan Hui. Ashby did not pay his cab fare amounting to $16.70 upon arriving at his destination.

When Oh got out of his taxi to confront Ashby, he was pushed to the ground.

Oh called the police but Ashby refused to hand over his particulars to the officers at the scene. Ashby threw his employment pass to the ground, exclaiming “fucking take it”.

Assaulting a police officer

Sergeant Tay Ming Wei attempted to diffuse the situation but Ashby insisted on leaving the scene. When Sergeant Tay attempted to arrest Ashby, he was punched in the face.

Both officers eventually subdued Ashby and handcuffed him

Disagreed with the verdict

Ashby was far from composed during his court verdict and sentencing. He made exclamations like “Wow”, and “What a travesty”, as the Deputy Public Prosecutor read out the statement of facts. Ashby vehemently denied the facts that were brought against him.

Ashby could be heard saying, “F**k you, f**k this country, f**k this judicial system”, after the hearing was concluded.

For assaulting a police officer, Ashby was sentenced to seven weeks jail. He also lost his job as a consultant and his employment pass was not renewed.

For verbally abusing the judge and the judiciary, Ashby could also be charged with Contempt of Court under the Administration of Justice (Protection) Act (AJPA). Any person found to be liable for such an offence may be fined up to $100,000 and/or jailed for up to 3 years.

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