E-Scooter User Who Ran Over A 3-Year-Old Girl: Why Can’t I Ride Here?

An e-scooter collided into a 3-year-old toddler at a void deck at Block 191 Boon Lay Drive on Oct 6 (Sun). The collision took place mere meters from a notice warning users they can no longer ride in common areas of Housing Board blocks.

The incident was captured by a surveillance camera installed outside the victim’s home. The footage was uploaded to social media by the girl’s father, Mr. Garnell Glenn Bernard where it quickly went viral.

The footage shows little Nur Syahirah walking past a pillar and an e-scooter speeding towards her before a bang is heard.

“There was a loud crash, and I saw my daughter crying on the ground. She wouldn’t stop crying and was so traumatised that she could not sleep at night.”

Madam Siti Aisah, mother of the child

Her neighbours ran out of their homes and detained the rider, whom they recognised as a 19-year-old living in the same block.

However, the rider remained defiant and argued he was allowed to ride in the void deck. This is untrue as a ban on riding personal mobility devices (PMDs) at common areas in 15 HDB towns kicked in last month. The Boon Lay estate where this incident took place was one of them. A notice informing the public of the ban was displayed at a lift landing a few metres from the accident scene.

“He kept saying, ‘Why cannot ride here?’ and ‘Anyone can ride here’.”

Madam Siti initially refrained from making a police report. However, when the PMD rider allegedly accused Madam Siti of lying about the incident to a reporter, her husband made a report.

While the ban on PMD riding in HDB void decks is in effect, there is still a two-month grace period until Oct 31 before users are punished for breaking the ban, which carries a fine of up to $5,000. Some residents say these measures aren’t enough to ensure their safety.

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