Tan Cheng Bock Receives A Hero’s Welcome In West Coast GRC

Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Progress Singapore Party (PSP) continues to make wave in Singapore’s political scene.

Over the weekend, some 150 PSP members walked the ground and engaged with West Coast GRC residents, receiving a warm welcome.

The sentiment of ‘coming back home’ was one that Dr Tan first expressed during his walkabout on Nov 19 at the West Coast Market.

On Dec 14, Dr Tan also said that during his walkabout: “I met many of my former constituents and I was asked if I was coming home. I never left”.

Dr Tan repeated these sentiments in a separate interview with the Straits Times where he noted “The reception has been warm. Tell them: I’m coming home.”

“We visited residents of over a 100 units at a block in Pandan Gardens. Some of these residents have stayed in the same vicinity for 20 – 40 years. All the residents of the block we visited welcomed us warmly. Many of the older residents knew Doc as their former MP and were very fond of him.”

Mr Ravi Philemon, PSP member

The incumbent West Coast GRC MP, Ms Foo Meer Har happened to be in the vicinity during the PSP’s walkabout. Dr Tan and Ms Foo exchanged pleasantries during their encounter.

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