PSP Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

The Progress Singapore Party celebrated its first anniversary on Friday (Jan 17). Party founder and veteran politician Dr Tan Cheng Bock reflected on how far the party has come in a Facebook post.

Dr Tan wrote that the celebrations were a “joyous family occasion”, adding that, “one year ago, PSP started with just a few good men and women. These were loyal activists who had stuck with me through good and bad times. Many were retirees like myself responding to conscience and a sense of duty”.

Dr Tan also shared that many people were skeptical if the team he assembled would amount to anything significant. He added, “but one year on, we have had an outstandingly overwhelming response”.

Dr Tan also cited PSP’s success in attracting a diverse pool of talent to the party. Along with a growing list of members and even non-member volunteers, he was “heartened to see Singaporeans — patriotic men and women, young and evergreen, white and blue-collar — all stepping forward from all walks of life.”

At the anniversary dinner, Dr Tan delivered the keynote address and introduced the new PSP Central Executive Committee (CEC) leadership, the party’s new song and even its mascot “Otica, The Otter”.

Dr Tan concluded by saying: “It was a night and anniversary to remember. Please allow me to share the PSP song that we launched at the dinner. We have only just begun but let’s keep making history together — For Country, For People!”

For being a new entrant to Singapore’s political scene, PSP has managed to muster large-scale outreach efforts, having conducted walkabouts in all 29 of Singapore’s constituencies.

The party also enjoyed a dramatic growth in membership, attracting over 500 members in its first month.

PSP has also received high profile endorsements, the most prominent of which was from Lee Hsien Yang, brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

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