Nearly 30,000 Singaporeans Sign Petition Supporting China Travel Ban

An online petition calling on the government of Singapore, specifically the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), to temporarily halt Chinese nationals and travellers from China from entering the country has garnered nearly 30,000 signatures as of 10:00am on Jan 27.

The petition was started by Anatasha Abdullah on Jan. 26, the day when Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed the fourth case of Wuhan virus.

“This petition is to urge the government to temporarily stop Chinese nationals and travellers from China from arriving on our shores. Singapore is a small city, which makes us even more vulnerable to the spread of this epidemic throughout the whole country, and we do not need to wait for severe cases before we take action.”

-Anatasha Abdullah

Malaysian petition Garners Over 300K Signatures

A similar online petition has been circulating in Malaysia. It calls on the Malaysian government to ban Chinese nationals from entering the country over fears of the virus. Muhammad Zaim Yusran Mohd Zaidy, the creator of the petition stressed that there is an urgent need to “prevent Chinese nationals from entering the country.”

The petition has over 350,000 signatures as of Jan 27 (Mon).

Travel restrictions across the Asia Pacific region

Philippines has suspended all flights to and from Wuhan, China. The Philippine Government has also imposed a deportation order on tourists from Wuhan who were in the country. A total of 156 Chinese tourists were flown back to Wuhan on Saturday (Jan 25).

Taiwan has barred entry to all individuals from Hubei Province, the epicenter of the virus. Chinese residents outside Hubei are also prohibited from visiting the island country for purposes including tourism, social and professional exchanges, and medical trips. Meanwhile, a two-week ban will be imposed on Chinese students planning to come to Taiwan.

Hong Kong’s government said on Sunday (Jan 26) it will ban residents of China’s Hubei province from entering the city.

North Korea imposed a ban on foreign tourists on Jan 22, stating that the ban will be in effect until a vaccine for the virus is developed.

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