Wake Up Sg Poll: 92% Want Singapore Air Show To Be Cancelled Over Virus Fears

92% of Singaporeans want the government to cancel the 2020 Singapore Air Show over fears of the Coronavirus spread.

This was according to an online survey conducted by Wake Up Singapore. The poll asked the public “Should the government cancel the Singapore Air Show?”

The votes were overwhelmingly in favor of “YES” which garnered over 3,000 votes versus 282 “NO” votes. Of course, one shouldn’t take this poll’s accuracy so seriously as it was obtained from a non-representative sample. However, the poll does highlight the concerns of many Singapore netizens that such large-scale events could exacerbate the spread of the Coronavirus.

On Monday (February 10), it was revealed that one of the confirmed cases was a Certis Cisco security guard who served quarantine orders on two individuals from Wuhan who had subsequently tested positive for the virus. The security guard was then stationed at the annual Chingay Parade.

Several large-scale events have already been postponed or cancelled in the light of the Coronavirus such as the HSBC Women’s World Championship, the Sweden-Southeast Asia Business Summit, World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers’ inaugural Asian Media Leaders Summit, and the American Chamber of Commerce’s Asia Pacific Business Summit.

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