Woman Allegedly Forced To Alight From A Bus After Commuters Find Out She’s A Nurse

A woman was allegedly forced to alight from a public bus after commuters discovered a nurse’s uniform in her bag after her shift.

In a series of Instagram Stories posted by her sister, the nurse’s ordeal was outlined.

Her sister, whose account went by the handle ‘eileen_ling19’ wrote, “My sister had a bad night shift last night because she was being kicked in the face by a pt (patient), but that is not the case”. (sic)

She added that her sister would usually change out of her nurses’ uniform after ending each shift.

However, this time, she decided to bring home her nursing uniform so it could be washed. She placed the uniform in a NTUC FairPrice plastic bag with no zipper and boarded a bus.

“But today, my sister came home crying because a person in the bus took a peek of her NTUC bag, saw her nursing uniform and shouted at her to get off the bus because she is a nurse”, the lady added.

Other passengers quickly joined in and coerced her to leave the bus. Another nurse who happened to be on the same bus tried to defend her but was also forced to alight.

The woman’s sister questioned, “Healthcare personnel not human? Are we animals to you?”

Writing in Malay, she also ranted that those afraid of death from the sickness should just stay home without mixing around with other people.

Parliamentary Secretary Amin: Discrimination of healthcare workers ‘disgraceful’

On Wed (Feb 12) Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs Amrin Amin called out the ‘disgraceful’ behavior displayed towards healthcare workers in Singapore.

“There’s one issue that I would like to comment on, which is on discrimination faced by our healthcare officers,”

“We have read reports of nurses being asked not to take the lift, take the stairs instead. Nurses have been asked to leave the train … Ambulance drivers being asked not to buy food, so as not to contaminate others, these are very unfortunate incidents, and it’s very disgraceful.”

Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs Amrin Amin

“I urge all Singaporeans to encourage them and to recognise their contributions in this moment.”, he added.

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