FairPrice CEO: No Refunds For People Who Hoard Supermarket Items

MP for Marine Parade GRC and CEO of NTUC FairPrice’ Seah Kian Peng addressed the issue of supermarket hoarding in Parliament on Wed (Feb 26).

In the immediate aftermath of the government’s announcement of increasing the DORSCON from yellow to orange, crowds swarmed to supermarkets to purchase as many necessities and non-perishables as they could.

As FairPrice’s CEO, Seah said he witnessed “firsthand the shopping frenzy”, and stated that the behaviour involved “all age groups, races and social strata”.

Seah added that those who hoarded piles of grocery items at home would not be allowed to return their items to FairPrice for refund. Seah added that it is FairPrice’s “standard policy” to disallow shoppers who had stockpiled to return excess goods for refunds.

This, he said, would teach people to buy responsibly, and prevent people from hoarding first only to return items later on.

Seah suggested that hoarders donate their excess items to charities like Food from the Heart and Food Bank instead.

“Maybe I’ll set up a collection counter for them too.”

-Seah Kian Peng

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