Cruise Ship With Italian Passengers To Dock In SG After Being Rejected In Thailand & Malaysia

Costa Fortuna, an Italian cruise ship will be docking at Singapore on Tuesday (March 10) after being turned away from Malaysia and Thailand.

The ship, last departed Singapore on March 3, 2020, and is reportedly carrying passengers who left Italy less than two weeks ago. Italy currently has the highest recorded Coronavirus death toll outside of China. The Italian government has also imposed a lockdown in Northern Italy, affecting over 16 million residents.

According to a joint press release by the Maritime Port Authority (MPA) and Singapore Tourism Board on (STB) Monday (March 9), the ship will make a scheduled call at Singapore. Authorities clarified that the cruise terminals are allowed to receive passengers on scheduled cruise calls while unscheduled calls have been disallowed in Singapore since February 24.

They also maintained that all passengers had embarked earlier from Singapore, and had completed pre-embarkation checks based on prevailing policies for travel history and temperature screening.

The ship’s parent company reiterated on Monday (March 9) that there is “no one infected with the disease on the ship”. Despite this, a host of precautionary measures are being taken before passengers can disembark the ship.

The ship’s doctor will check on the passengers and crew to ensure they are healthy before disembarking.

All passengers entering Singapore are also required to undergo temperature screening as a precautionary measure.

Those exhibiting fever and/or symptoms of respiratory illness but do not meet the Ministry of Health’s clinical case definition may also be required to undergo a Coronavirus swab test.

Any passengers identified for the swab test but refuse to do so will be denied entry into Singapore.

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