Singapore Reported More Cases Of Coronavirus In One Day Than The Entire SARS Epidemic

Singapore reported 287 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday (Apr 9), the largest daily increase so far and more than double the record of the previous day. 

This brings the national tally to 1,910 cases.

MOH added 54 more people were discharged on Thursday and in all, 460 patients have fully recovered from COVID-19. Of those still in hospital, 29 are in critical condition in the intensive care unit. However, most are stable or improving.

Throughout the months-long SARS epidemic in Singapore, a total of 238 cases were reported, with 33 fatalities. Singapore reported its first case of SARS on March 1 2003.

Six days later, on March 12, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a global alert on an outbreak of “atypical pneumonia” along with recommendations to isolate any cases. This was followed up on March 15 with the virus officially termed SARS.

May marked the de-escalation of the SARS outbreak in Singapore, with more days passing without any new cases being reported. By May 30 – 91 days after the outbreak began, the WHO took Singapore off its SARS watchlist.

Singapore reported its first coronavirus case on January 23 2020. It took 53 days for the number of coronavirus cases to surpass that of SARS (March 16 2020). Singapore is now 78 days into the coronavirus outbreak with no end in sight.

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Despite this, the death toll from coronavirus in Singapore remains far below that of SARS

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