Foreign Worker Or Singaporean, We’re All In The Same Coronavirus Boat

People who defend the narrative of separating the so-called “local spread” and the spread in dormitories forget a very important point – whether it is a Singaporean or a migrant worker who is infected at the end of the day it does consume our medical resources.

We have a finite amount of medical resources in our island – Doctors, nurses, ICU beds, oxygen tanks and ventilators. Regardless of the nationality of the patient, a large uptick in the number of patients will put a serious strain on our medical resources. If you or your loved one is affected, you will be part of the same medical system with finite resources.

We need to really understand something, there is no “us” and “them”. Such thinking is dangerous gives everyone a false sense of security and comfort. They are us. We are all on the same boat, a boat that is slowly sinking.

The 4G leadership has clearly and undoubtedly dropped the ball. There are no two ways about it.

It is not under control. There was a cluster in a dormitory as far back as February. We also had the Diamond Princess cruise ship to learn lessons from. Alas, both employers and the leadership failed to take any timely decisive action in relation to dorms. Years of migrant worker issues were repeatedly ignored, until it was too late.

Let us keep in our thoughts and prayers our medical professionals and frontliners. And all who are affected, in one way or another, by this pandemic and the Government’s mismanagement of the crisis.

This the the price of arrogance, blind greed and complacency.

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