Sacked PSP Member Apologises To SPP’s Jose Raymond For Defamation

The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) member Mr Daniel Teo who was sacked from the party after admitting to have produced a defamatory video implicating Singapore People’s Party (SPP) chairman Mr Jose Raymond and others has apologised publicly to Mr Raymond.

On 1 May, a short clip made the rounds online which claimed that the PSP, led by Tan Cheng Bock, has been “infiltrated by foreign proxies”.

On 1 May itself, the PSP announced that it had expelled Mr Teo after his admission.

Lawyer for Mr Raymond Mr Eugene Thuraisingam from Eugene Thuraisingam LLP had issued the letter of demand on 2 May and had given Mr Teo three days to comply with the terms of the letter of demand which included paying damages and apologising unconditionally for the defamation and damage caused.

On 5 May, through his lawyer, Mr Teo accepted the terms stated in the letter of demand.

Said Mr Raymond’s lawyer Mr Thuraisingam, “A very serious false allegation had been made against Mr Raymond.

It could not go unchallenged. We were instructed by Mr Raymond to take immediate action against Daniel.

“While such a false allegation should never have been made in the first place, we are happy that Daniel has quickly come clean and admitted that the allegation was false and has sincerely apologised for his actions.

Mr Raymond has accepted his apology and has decided not to proceed to claim damages from Daniel, something which he is entitled to by law.”

In his apology which was posted on Facebook on 5 May, Mr Teo said:

“1. On or around April 2020, I, Daniel Teo Weilong, published and circulated a video.

  • I recognize that the video means and is understood to mean that Mr Jose Raymond:-

a. was funded by liberal western sources

b. is party to a conspiracy to disrupt the Progress Singapore Party; and

c. is party to foreign influence operations in Singapore

  • I admit and acknowledge that these allegations are false and completely without foundation and I unreservedly withdraw them.
  • I undertake not to make any further allegations to the same or similar effect.


5 May 2020”

See post here.

As part of his settlement for the defamation, Mr Teo would need to leave his apology on his Facebook page for a year, and also undertake not to repeat the allegations again.

In lieu of taking out an advertisement to apologise in the Straits Times, Mr Raymond has asked that Mr Teo make a donation to the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund instead.

In a Facebook post, academic Derek da Cunha said the outcome of the legal redress for Mr Raymond was an “excellent outcome”.

“The manner in which this defamation has come to a conclusion ensures that he has acquired the moral and political high ground. It underlines the view that he is in politics to serve others.”

Mr Teo is still under police investigations for the video as Mr Raymond and several others have filed police reports over the matter.

Investigations are still ongoing.

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