Op: Circuit Breaker Not An Excuse To Be An Asshole

This article does not represent the views of the page. It is a submission from an anonymous reader

Honestly I’m sick and tired of seeing people trying to be enforcement officers by confronting and filming offenders.

As bad as these people may be in terms of infringing the law, I think it’s an overkill by zealots.
Singapore is becoming like East Germany. Enforcement officers have become like the Stasi and people are rushing to feed info to them in the hopes of seeing other people in trouble. That’s exactly how East Germany was. People spying and ‘pao tohing’ each other.

First of all these rules are temporary, It shouldn’t give enforcement officers who are also temporarily given a bit of powers to act like some Stasi officers. Just look at many of them. Lee Jr talks about the ‘spirit of the law’ as well as the law. But are these mini Stasi officers engaging in the spirit of the law?

Just observe them. They are dying to catch and book people, instead of trying to educate and show some discretion. Look at how the Police do their work and compare them with these ‘clowns.’ There’s a world of difference.

Of course blatant offenders like Paramjeet Kaur must be taken to task. But why the need to confront her? Not happy call the Police lah. The same elsewhere. Who gives you or me the right to confront and lecture people? Yet some websites on Facebook and some Singaporeans suddenly have found a ‘new sense of self entitled civic mindedness’ to the extreme.

Of course the supporting argument is that we are just trying to stop the spread and these people will ensure the CB lasts longer. Stop your bullshite lah. If want to stop the spread then ban jogging and cycling without masks. If really wanna stop then only a total shutdown works.

Ordinary Singaporeans staying put in their own neighbourhoods are not the cause and are unlikely to be the cause of the third wave, if there is to be one. So some people need to come down from their high horses.

I’m not saying you should not wear. Of course must do so, but when deciding to do something about a non wearer, be a bit more civil and thoughtful. There is no race or prizes to actively seek out offenders. Observe and maybe if you truly want to help, bring along an extra mask and offer it politely.

If you really think the person is posing a danger then call the police. You have no right to confront a person. Similarly officers with temporary powers should stop acting like some enforcement superhero. Some old people need to be handled in much more lenient ways and only the recalcitrant among them need to be booked.

And lastly for people like Ms Kaur. I think people are making a mountain out of molehill.

The simple solution for people like her? Keep fining her. Everyday see, everyday fine – but call the cops. Sovereign or no, cash is still king. You keep fining her and arresting her if she breaches the peace and let the courts increase the amount. Then you get answer that’s to be expected. Her wallet will talk sense into her. Of course if she persists and goes to court once too often, then let the judge jail her for persistent non-compliance.

She’s prepared to contribute to economy in these trying times, please allow her to do so.

Meanwhile these spate of vigilantism under the guise of some fake lofty notions should stop.

Stop being busybodies. If you want to help, give out extra masks and more importantly help feed the poorer folks around you. They are everywhere if you just open you eyes and look. You can see people looking wantingly at food stalls, trying to find enough money to buy. Why not confront these people (politely of course)? Ask them if you can buy them food?

Or even if you can, $2-5 as a gift goes a long way. Never mind what they do with it. If they go buy fags or whatever rubbish, let them. That’s the only form of ‘luxury’ they can possibly have. We after all spend tons on ourselves when we don’t really need it or could buy something way cheaper, but we want to pamper ourselves. Same concept here, let them pamper themselves for a fewn bucks.

Stop being a vigilante, start being a truly civic minded person, by helping others, especially those in need.

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