SPP’s Jose Raymond Starts Virtual Meet-the-people Session Amidst Circuit Breaker

The Singapore People’s Party (SPP) candidate for Potong Pasir single member constituency Mr Jose Raymond has started an online system for residents to submit their appeals.

With a ‘Get Help’ tab on his Potong Pasir Hosay portal, residents of Potong Pasir will be able to submit their appeals online through the website at any time of the day, and have their requests dealt with immediately.

The new ‘Get Help’ tab was added on 5 May after testing. Mr Raymond’s portal for his work in Potong Pasir has been ‘live’ and since November 2019 and also allows residents with a Facebook account to send messages directly to him.

Posting on his Facebook page on 11 May, Mr Raymond, who is the Chairman of the SPP said, “Ever since I stopped doing door to door visits in Potong Pasir last month due to the measures put in place to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, I had some residents reach out to me for appeals – traffic fines, medical bills, job placements etc through WhatsApp or a phone call.

“As I could not meet these residents who needed help, I asked them to send me their documents through WhatsApp or through FB messenger or email, whichever was more convenient for them.”

It was during this period that he then worked with his web solutions team on a simple online system to help make it more convenient for Potong Pasir residents to submit their appeals.

To submit an appeal, Potong Pasir residents just need to click on the Get Help tab, and send over their request and attached documents.

“They can do it at any time of the day, without having to wait for a specific day of the week to meet or send in their appeals. This is so that residents who need help immediately will be able to make their submissions and get the appeals filed immediately,” said Mr Raymond in his post.

The appeals submitted by the residents will land directly in Mr Raymond’s personal work email so that he looks at the residents’ appeals and assists them personally.

Earlier last month as the circuit breaker measures kicked in, Mr Raymond also said that residents who needed help could send him a WhatsApp message directly during the circuit breaker period.

“So instead of having them come to me, I am helping to reach out to them, to help them in as many ways as possible. 

“Technology, coupled with human relationships, can be a powerful tool to bring hope and help to people in distress. It is my commitment to residents of Potong Pasir to help by constantly looking at new ways to provide support for their needs,” said Mr Raymond.

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