Nas Daily: COVID-19 Will Be Here For 100 Years

Nuseir Yassin (Nas Daily), a Singapore-based Arab Israeli video blogger offered his commentary on the longterm effects of COVID-19 and what the “new normal” could look like in a post-COVID world.

Nas noted that while the virus will disappear in a year or two, its effects on several aspects of life will remain for decades to come.

Work-from-home the new normal?

According to Nas, enforced work-from-home contingencies have led companies to realize the “redundancies” of the physical office.

Tech giants like Google and Facebook have announced that employees can work from home until 2021.

Jobs can also be done remotely, requiring only an internet connection to do so.

Emigration away from cities

The shift away from the physical office will also diminish the importance of vital economic hubs like New York City, Shanghai, Mumbai, London, and Singapore. If employees can work remotely from their hometowns, there is “no need” to relocate to a large city where the cost of living is substantially higher and daily commutes a major stressor.

The opportunity to work remotely will lead to an exodus from the cities to smaller towns and rural areas. Conversely, large cities could see a decline in their population and traffic.

Accessibility to new work opportunities

The same technology that facilitates remote working can also facilitate remote hiring. Nas added that last month, he hired three people “without ever meeting them in person.” This will open up new job opportunities to untapped markets.

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