Nas Daily: People Who Eat Meat Are To Blame For COVID-19

Arab-Israeli video blogger Nas Daily continued his commentary on the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic with a controversial new video titled “Who I blame for COVID-19”.

In the video, Nas argued that COVID-19 is not the fault of China. Instead, the pandemic was released by viruses contained in animals. The act of meat consumption heightens the risk of being infected by these viruses. Nas went on to past examples of diseases that originated in animals such as Ebola, Swine Flu, and AIDS.

Nas also criticized the practice of factory farming where 99 per cent of the meat supply comes from. Factory farms pack animals in close proximity to one another, sowing the seeds for the next global pandemic.

Nas insisted in his video that he respects the personal dietary choices of people and that the world is suffering because of the “irresponsible actions of a few”, but urged consumers to stop eating “unclean meat”. However, by Nas’ definition of what is “unclean” i.e. meat from factory farming, the vast majority of the world’s consumers would be “responsible” for the pandemic.

Nas went on to cite the benefits of the vegan diet. He featured a town in Israel that has been vegan for the past 30 years. Inhabited by the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, the residents of Dimona believe that the body represents the “Temple” and that the vegan diet helps to ensure that the body only receives “noble foods”.

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