Pro-PAP blogger critical spectator accuses pro-PAP blogger Calvin Cheng of banning him for criticizing China

Two prominent pro-establishment bloggers Calvin Cheng and Critical Spectator appear to be embroiled in an online feud over Singapore’s decision to re-open travel to and from China.

Singapore and China have agreed to launch a “fast lane” arrangement in early June to facilitate essential travel for business and official purposes, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said in a statement on Friday (May 29).

Calvin Cheng quickly took to his Facebook page to welcome the decision. He also heaped praise on China’s ruling Communist Party for its comprehensive measures to track its citizens in the name of containing COVID-19. He also maintained that such measures make China the “safest place to be in”.

Critical Spectator, another prominent pro-establishment blogger questioned the validity of Calvin’s argument.

He added that a large segment of the population have no trust in the Chinese government, what it says, reports, or promises.

Critical Spectator’s comments mysteriously disappeared, leading him to question if Calvin Cheng had banned him from his page under some “CCP-style censorship”.

To date, Calvin Cheng has not publicly responded to Critical Spectator’s comments.

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