Petition Against Wearable Contact Tracing Device Goes Viral

An online petition denouncing the government’s proposal to roll out a wearable contact tracing device for all Singaporeans has gone viral with nearly 7,000 signatures as 11AM, Jun 7 (Sun).

The petition was started by Wilson Low and is addressed to the Singapore government.

On June 5, Vivian Balakrishnan the minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation initiative announced the proposal, citing the poor inter-operability of the existing Trace Together mobile app across various operating systems, as well as the Government’s subsequent non-compulsory usage stance as reasons for developing a wearable device. 

Dr Balakrishnan said that if the proposed wearable device works well, the Government may distribute it to everyone in Singapore, which he said will be “more inclusive and ensure all Singaporeans will be protected” and won’t require a smartphone to operate.

It is not known whether such a contact tracing device when rolled out, will be compulsory. However, many Singaporeans have voiced their concerns about the possible invasion of privacy.

We – as free, independent, and lawful members of the public of Singapore – condemn the device’s implementation as blatant infringements upon our rights to privacy, personal space, and freedom of movement. We reject the notion that the non-efficacy of the Trace Together initiative be superceded by a regime that could potentially require all members of the public (regardless of their age, susceptibility to disease, or health status) to give up these rights under fear – not of infection from Covid-19 – but of prosecution by the state. 

-Wilson Low, creator of the petition

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