This is how Taiwan responded when one of its conscript soldiers died

While the circumstances behind PTE Dave Lee’s death are still a mystery, Taiwan’s experience with its military-related deaths provides valuable lessons for Singapore.


Dirty tactics politicians use to win elections

Before a single vote has been cast, Najib has already been roundly criticised of “downright cheating” and resorting to “dirty tactics”. While it remains to be seen what lengths Najib will go to secure his electoral victory, he is by no means the first politician to play dirty in an election.

Can North and South Korea ever reunite?

Less than 30 years have passed since the Berlin Wall collapsed and East and West Germany reunified. Now, proponents of Korean reunification believe the same might be achieved today. With bilateral talks yielding a peace treaty and a final end to the Korean War, talks of reunification between the two Koreas have moved beyond the realm of fantasy fiction to a possible, albeit far distant reality.

We’re About To Execute A Man Who Was Possibly Innocent

I have no doubt that, as other countries have experienced, there will come a time in Singapore’s history when executions will not be viewed, as some put it, ‘trade-offs’ for our ‘hard stance on drugs’ and ‘drug free society’ but will be seen for what they truly are – an illogical, barbaric and ultimately ineffective form of punishment. And when that day comes, which side of history would you be on?