What If ASEAN Was A Single Country?

What would happen if every ASEAN country united today to form a United ASEAN Superstate? What would that country look like?


US-Led Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria Kill Over 300 Civilians In 2 Weeks

More than 200 civilians were reportedly killed in a single airstrike on Mosul, as the United Nations warns the worst was yet to come for those still trapped in the Iraqi city. Some 230 bodies of mostly women and children were pulled from three adjoining houses in the Jadida neighbourhood of west Mosul where ISIS fighters are still active.

5 countries where women still lack basic rights

Several challenges still remain for women in the developing world, where regressive cultural practices, social stigma and religious autocracy still impede the progress of women in society. In these 5 countries in particular, woman still lack the basic rights we have taken for granted in the developed world.